It’s been months since BBQ50 has taken a breather to catch up with you all. It wasn’t that we didn’t want to get you all to speed to what’s happening with our efforts of spreading the BBQ50 word across east Orlando. Whenever the train slowed down long enough to get with y’all, I’d be darned if the phone didn’t ring with a new, or returning, Ghost Rider asking for details on their next event!! Thanks for being so patient…here we go!!!

Last we wrote, we were serving the area doctor’s offices through some of our great friends in the business.

We have also been fortunate to assist with plenty of charity work in Orlando. Whether it be cooking for county school fundraisers, or for the countless unfortunate members of our community, BBQ50 will always be first to ask where we can help!

This holiday season gave us a humbling opportunity to meet many new faces. The pride that comes from the thank you messages and phone calls puts a lump in our throats. We are accomplishing our mission…to spread the word of slow cooked, small batch BBQ to the people we mingle with on a daily basis. Quality is so important to BBQ50. We haven’t been perfect, but, we have always made up for it when need be.

We thank you for allowing us into your homes with the best BBQ meals we could prepare. We consider you all family.

Happy New Year!! See you ALL around the smoker!!