Docs love BBQ!!!

Man! Have we been smokin’busy!!!! The word is getting out about a lil BBQ catering shop dropping off some original, southern, slow smoked to a few doctor’s offices and hospitals lately!!

The response has been overwhelmingly humbling!! We never thought that our weekend hangs in the driveway, turning briskets and butts in between jumps in the pool, would turn into a full time job!!

Today, we stopped by Orlando Heart and Vascular Center with lunch for the staff of docs and HCPs. We are talking hot, right out of the oven, GrandAshby Mac n Cheese!! I think the scales were a little off at the BBQ50 garage, as we served a mountain of juicy pulled pork and shredded, smoked chicken. Since it was lunch, we balanced the effort with cold, sugar sweet watermelon chunks and traditional Caesar salad. You know, the one with the giant, garlicky croutons and shaved Parmesan cheese!!

By the looks of this pic, one gent on the staff couldn’t get enough of our home recipe goodness!! A definite BBQ50 Ghost Rider for sure!!!

All you sales folks out there, you better believe BBQ50 is the answer for your lunch and learns. Ordering is super easy!!! You deal with one person every time!! Check out our catering menu!! Call Dan at 407-929-9350 to craft your next BBQ50 event!!!

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