The Dream is now Reality

Today is the day we go public with the news….I left the firm for a new adventure! The next adventure is starting a full on catering service, specializing in old school, hardwood, slow smoking BBQ! It’s a dream that had finally gotten legs underneath it.

As you have been following the posts, the passion has developed hard edges. The goal….to provide the folks of Orlando with a chance to come together over a feast that will grab hold of your taste buds and take them to a place they have never been!! It’s simple cooking that my family has been preparing for each other from generation to generation. We are talking about juicy brisket and pulled pork….sweet smoke roasted chicken,  St. Louis style and Baby back ribs that has the meat falling right off the bone! 

The concept is simple. Through social media, you’ll know the specials for the next day. Be sure to call in the day before, and your cater will arrive hot and fresh! We cook through the night to make sure the meat is as fresh as promised! Eventually, the BBQ50 trailer will be coming to the rescue all up and down Highway 50 from Alafaya Trail to the beach! 

We will be available for onsite BBQ catering delivery, including WHOLE HOGS! We can accommodate caters as small as 4-6 and as big as 300+. 

Every cater is cooked to order. Old fashioned style sides, including mac and cheese, BBQ beans, green beans, collard greens, cole slaw and potato salad! If it’s something special you want, including desserts, like homemade banana and nilla wafer pudding, let’s hear it! BBQ50 is here for you!!

Look for us to be on line and ready to serve in the coming weeks! Many, many updates to come!!


    • Thanks so much Jax! I hope to get on many of the pharma lunch schedules as possible. I am going to be ready to roll in a few weeks, as I am honoring my firm’s request to stay on for a little while to transition. Thanks again!!


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