Miss Felicia

So after a week’s worth of trying to come up with a name for our new addition to the BBQ50 story, I have christened our eight foot, 1000 pound monster smoker, Miss Felicia.

She is the answer….the magic “silver bullet” that solves all problems. I am going to begin the process of honing my intuition skills this weekend. What do you mean, you might ask yourself? It’s that old school, backyard method of controlling the temperature with your eyes. I need to know how much fire to start with? What wood burns best? What coal to wood ratio works best? Where are her hot spots? How well does she rest on coals? Ya see, we’ve got a little work to do. 

You know you are one with your cooker/smoker, when you can “see” how hot it is. My current smoker? You bet I can see the temp and guess within a couple of precious degrees how hot she is…when to add fuel….when to wrap and rest. 

You all have felt that feeling with your something special. The loyalty you have with your grill is something special. It’s your exclusive. You don’t cheat. You damn sure don’t hop on someone else’s pit. That’s grounds for long stares and quivers of disrespect. 

Unfortunately, there comes the day for me where she can’t deliver what I need. I have needs! I need more cooking surface. I have patched my BBQ bae’s belly one too many times. She is going to take a break, for now.

The summer of 2017 is about learning to cook for the masses. It’s a different equation. It takes some attention. That attention will go to Felicia. I promise to try to stay off her toes, as, we waltz through many a baby back and many a butt. 

Check back in over the weekend! I’ll be walking through my first prep process to master another bountiful Easter BBQ on Sunday!!


  1. I met Miss Felicia for the first time today and she produced the best ribs I’ve ever eaten. The combination of the sauce and the heat from Miss Felicia produced a rib that melts in your mouth. These ribs rival any restaurant that I’ve eaten at and I’ve eaten a lot of barbecue!


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