Working out on a Saturday morning!!

There are some days I can’t wait to get outside and start smoking! Today, I thought I’d change things up a bit and bring back some big, juicy pork butts! These beautifully trimmed, bone in butts are approx 8 lbs each and have beautiful marbling on the opposite side of the fat flap.

The boys decided on a sweet and salty rub today…no cider/brown sugar injection. We are slapping those butts with a mix of pecan and mesquite smoke at a temp of 225/250 until it’s time to flip. The secret ingredient has been added to the fire to ensure a signature smoke. 

There is a nice breeze blowing across the pit area today. Just means we’ll have to keep a longer eye on the logs so they don’t coal out to fast. 

In about three hours from cook off, we willopen that baby up and see what we’ve started!!!!

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